In 2001, with the foundation of the Paulo Picanço Advanced Orthodontics Center, we already sought technical quality and differentials in the teaching of dentistry, in the development of a centre of continued education for the professionals of the area. That way, we follow the dream of developing qualified professionals for dentistry in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil and in 2016 we initiated the activities as Paulo Picanço Faculty.

From dentists to dentists. That was the thinking in the conception of FACPP. The proposal of being exclusive in the dentistry course brought us backing, focus and credibility to provide a complete learning in an even more complete structure. In 2018, we went through a structural and academic expansion, with the approval of our masters course. See what you will find here:


  • Three clinics, with 80 dental chair and a surgical center;
  • Multidisciplinary and Research laboratories;
  • Auditorium with 250 seats;
  • Parking Lot with 2000m²;
  • Nocturnal Period Internship;
  • And much more!


Masters and PhDs Teachers, working with flipped classroom methodology, promoting practical learning, personally and virtually, through our virtual platform, where the student has classes and complementary content to be accessed and revisited at their disposal, ensuring a complete model of education.


Beyond the clinical care that our students perform since the third semester, we have various extension leagues, furthering their dentistry studies and specializing the students on their fields of choice, be it Surgery, Orofacial Pain, Esthetics,


We’re not made only of graduation. We also have various post-graduation courses and a masters course, fostering the integration between education and research, through partnerships with various companies, resulting in an excellence work with international publications.


Because of that, our service is tailored to your necessities. From the reception to our library, our team is prepared and dedicated to your formation.

We have the commitment of performing with competence and excellence of work, providing a permanent renovation of education with institutional


and pedagogical projects oriented at the needs of the local and regional community. We are the realization to your dream of being a qualified professional and making difference in dentistry. Come and be exclusive with us!