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Name of the research line:
Physical and microbiological properties of dental materials and dental structures.
Concentration area:
Dentistry Description/Characterization: Characterization, through studies with experimental drawings in vitro, in situ and in vivo, of the physical, chemical and biological properties of dental materials and dental structures, taking in consideration the demands of the society and market. There will be addressed relevant themes in the area of Dental Prosthesis, Endodontics, Dentistics, Orthodontics and Biomaterials. A special focus will be taken in the development and evaluation of biomaterials coming from renewable and synthetic sources, with antimicrobial, bio-actives and therapeutical capacitie s. This characteristics may be important for the development of new monomers and nanoparticulated materials for the application of Dental Prosthesis, or of Endodontic Materials with antibacterials and therapeutical characteristics in relation to the pulpar and periodontal tissue, through the development of dental biomaterials. In the dentistics field, the effects of aesthetic and restorative treatments over hard dental tissues will be also evaluated, with special interest in the analysis of the aggressive, mutagenic and damaging potential of the dental whitening protocols, aiming the proposition of other therapeutical substances that can keep the effectiveness but reduce the damages caused by this therapy In Orthodontics, the development will be focused in biomaterials with antimicrobial potential specific against the formation of carious lesions, but at the same time that can be easily removed, generating lower damage to the enamel surface Research Projects

A) Avaliação de materiais antimicrobianos a serem aplicados em resinas acrílicas odontológicas.
B) Avaliação de biomateriais para endodontia regenerativa.
C) Avaliação de sistemas adesivos terapêuticos contendo substâncias bioativas.
D) Avaliação de produtos naturais aplicados em materiais odontológicos.
E) Avaliação de resinas compostas contendo diferentes biovidros.
F) Efeito do laser terapêutico na sensibilidade dental : estudo clínico. G) Avaliação clínica e laboratorial de materiais ortodônticos inovadores.

Line of Research II

Name of the research line:
Applied clinic therapeutics
Concentration Area: Dentistry Description/Characterization: Studies and Factors Research that may influence the different endpoints in Dentistry, related to the individual or collective conditions, clinical and therapeutic, identifying factors of biological and non-biological risk. Will be evaluated and developed tools for gathering of data about techniques or therapies in Dentistry, through studies with descriptive/observational drawings and experimental studies. The therapeutics and medicine evaluation over oral lesions and alterations, diagnosed by innovative methods, will be the priority in this line of research. Beyond that, the etiology and surgical technique in maxillofacial trauma situations will be backed by many researchers that have already addressed these themes in the publications generated in the last years. Clinical evaluation of materials and developed restorative technique will also be realized together with the students, to evaluate the effects on the clinical durability of adhesive procedures.

A) Instrumentação endodôntica em ensaios clínicos randomizados.
B) Efeito do bisel na retenção de restaurações em lesões cervicais não cariosas: estudo clínico.
C) Perfil sociodemográfico de lesões no complexo bucomaxilofacial.
D) Avaliação de materiais dessensibilizantes aplicados antes da cimentação de laminados de cerâmica pura: ensaio clínico.
E) Ensaios clínicos randomizados de acompanhamento dos tratamentos endodônticos.
F) Avaliação do conhecimento dos cirurgiões dentistas com relação aos fatores de risco e diagnóstico do câncer de boca.
G) Estudo do potencial citotóxico e antitumoral de novos vitanolídeos.

Scientific Carrousel

The Paulo Picanço faculty provide the students of scientific initiation and extension the opportunity for the creation of scientific articles supervised in monthly meetings. Each graduation student write about a theme selected by the academic advisor and has as objective the finalization of the article by the end of one year, providing the students the abilities and familiarization in scientific writing and, at the same time, prepared to present in congresses and academic journeys.

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